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Welcome to NGTO!    Welcome to NGTO!
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NGTO "Witticisms"

As with the "Official NGTO FAQ", here is another contribution from Drifter.

"From time to time, I read certain posts here on the Message Board that are of special creative merit. These "witticisms" if you will, are of such quality, that they deserve a special place here at NGTO. To preserve for posterity so to speak. Perhaps I should mention this in the "Suggestions" Forum. Perhaps not. Anyhow I have begun to catalog these little gems and will from time to time, post for all. If you all come across any that are deemed worthy, please let me know."
- The Drifter <'(((><

"...flyfishing purity lasts only as long as the other guy is not catching fish with a spinning rod." --Hooker

"When the pleasure of your comforts start to exceed the thrill of your fishing-you've pretty well played the course." --The Ole Man

"I know old..." --The Ole Man

"I don't C&R. I use corn and powerbait on my flyrod and flies and crankbaits on my spinning rod. And, I EAT trout. I eat big ones, little ones, brownies, brookies and rainbows." --Mr.T

"Enjoy'm all -- hope for a wild one!" --Johnkies

"Nothing is better than hard work for beautiful fish, then cookin' 'em over an open fire and chuckin' 'em down with a cold brew!" --Rod

"Stocked fish are whimps!" --Owl

"Real bait fishermen don't need no stinking container for their worms!" --WindKnot

"I hate bugs!" --Owl

"Old flyfishermen never die, their rods just go limp." --BT

"Barbs are my friend." --Owl

"...there's no river in Riverdale, no forest in Forest Park, and East Point is on the west side of town." --Ole Man

"The thing is that some of us are "tetched" in the head about flyfishing. Once it gets a hold on you, it's very addictive. The down side is that most of the fishing community and the general public think we are a little bit whacky and bear watching. You know-grown people that sit a room alone at night lashing fur and feathers (that had a ridiculous cost) to hooks with little granny bobbins and going around exclaiming how beautiful these little bugs are. People that get out in their yard and flail the air with a long pole and get a sick little grin on their face when the line goes out just right. Folks that go to a ton of trouble and expense to catch fish and then throw them all back. And when they're not fishing, they're on their computers talking about it." --Ole Man

"T, you are the immature one ~ maybe you would feel better if you said "Na - na - na - na -nah" to us or called us "Bugger - heads" or "Doo -do lips"" --Owl

"Fall from grace and catch some fish. I'll never understand why some anglers are so exclusive in their methods of fishing that they forego the pleasure of a tight line. Every technique has its time and place, and the angler that is consistently successful has to be able to adapt to the conditions." --Hooker

"Trout don't rise in the cemetary son, get your life together and go fishing" --Hooker

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