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November Stream: Johns Creek

After reading what Jimmy Jacobs had to say about Johns in his book Trout Fishing in North Georgia, a must have for trout anglers in Georgia, I was a bit reluctant to visit this stream. After all Mr. Jacobs did describe the stream as a poor one, strictly a put and take location, but I went anyway. The main reason I have chosen Johns Creek for this months review is due to heavy requests from my readers in the Rome and Canton area. Johns Creek is located just outside of Rome at the foot of Johns Mountain. Access is easy and in most cases it is not even neccesary to get get your feet wet.

Fly-fishing at Johns is out for two reasons. The first is that the stream gets very crowded, especially on the weekends. On some pools it can be elbow to elbow bait angler. The other reason is that every fish in the stream is a stocker and most of them haven't been in there long enough to re-adapt to taking flies or nymphs. About the only way to take fish from Johns is with a spinner or a bait casting rod.

For the angler who like to bait cast, Johns can be quite an experience. Johns is heavily stocked and rainbows in the 7-10'' range are common after a heavy placement. On one of my visits to the stream I came up upon a pool of about 15-20 fish. Having been obviously stocked that morning I neglected to fish and just watched. It was interesting to see the fish gradually become acclamated and swim away downstream to the lower pools. (By the way, for those of you who haven't visited a stream after a heavy stocking, don't bother to try to fish at the site of the placement. The fish will almost never eat and you stand more chance of injuring one than you do catching one.)

For the spinning angler I advise working the lower portion of the stream. This is about the best chance you have of catching a hold-over fish plus you won't have to worry about casting your spinner into the line of a bait caster off the bank. The lower section is a little faster water and looks like it would have the potential to hold much larger fish, however unlikely.

Johns is a great place to take the family, the access is easy and if the trout aren't biting or aren't there, you can always catch brim or bass as they also inhabit the stream. There are several larger pools towards the upper area of the stream where corn can be deadly, even on your son's snoopy rod.

You can find general directions to Johns Creek on the clickable Georgia map.

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