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February Stream Review - Reader report - Dukes Creek

This month we have a report from one of our readers Gerry Todd. Special thanks to Gerry on this report from Dukes Creek.

Just thought I would send you a fishing report. I havenít gone back to Noontootla yet since our email exchange but I did go to Dukeís Creek. That is a really interesting management program they have in place. It seems to be very effective too as there are many trophy sized trout available.

I went on December 23rd and fished from about 8:15 am to 2:30 pm. Man it was cold. For me and the fish apparently! I fished the lower section of the WMA first using various spinners in some likely looking pools and runs. The ladies running the program recommended the lower section when itís cold since that area evidently stays warmer due to its openness to the sun. I only got wind burned and cold.

At about 1:30, I tried the upper portion. A couple was fishing the area earlier using some sort of plastic grub-like lure. I later learned they had caught and released six rainbows between 10 and 26 inches! You could see many fish all held up together in a relatively tight grouping. This area is close to one of the feeding stations where the WMA personnel provide fish pellets periodically.

After about a half dozen casts with my brown and gold spinner, I connected with a nice 18 inch rainbow that fought long and hard on my ultra-light two pound test spinning outfit. I caught one more 10 inch fish before succumbing to the cold and leaving. I sort of wish I had tried that area first. However, I learned in talking to some of the others fishing that day that everyone had a slow start in the morning and others had not caught anything all day.

That was my second visit to the Dukeís Creek WMA and I will definitely include it in my places to visit again. In the future, I would like to again try some of the areas that are not adjacent to feeding stations since that would likely be a greater challenge to locate fish.

To learn more about the Dukes Creek Conservation Area, contact the area manager (706) 878-3087 or contact the Gainesville or Burton Fisheries Offices.

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