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Interview #003 - April '96

Since I have a new Editor this month, I thought it only fitting to let him edit! Here is a little piece that I asked Craig to put together about himself and a photo of Craig and his 2 year-old son's first catch. Not Bad!

I remember after several years of trout fishing my father showed me his secret weapon, "The Woolly Bugger"! I couldn't believe it! All this time he had shown me how to fish with worms, salmon eggs, etc. and never said anything to me at all about flies!

I was about ten years old at the time. At this point in my life I had been fishing for trout for about 5 years or so and had never used artificial lures for trout fishing except maybe an occasional spinner or rooster tail. So that was the secret, every time everyone else wouldn't catch anything, my father would pull out the old (Woolly) Bugger. From that point on I became extremely interested in fly fishing.

I had a neighbor who tied his own flies but I never saw any value in that since he never caught anything. However, I asked him what it took to make my own flies. He showed me a few things, and off I went! I mostly learned from watching others fly fish (instead of pretending I knew how to fly fish by beating the water to death with a rod and some line). Over time, about three years, I got proficient enough so I could catch more trout on flies (dry has always been my favorite) than on other baits.

I remember it was opening day of trout season in my home town. The banks of the Hibernia Brook were packed with anglers, and no one was catching a thing. I hadn't tried any flies yet that year since it was opening day, the weather was cool, and there wasn't much room to cast. I noticed however that a hatch was taking place. I couldn't tell you what kind of insect, after all I was only fourteen and thought everything looked like a May-fly. Anyway, I pulled out my flybox, and took out a fly I had tied that matched the hatching insects as closely as possible. I put it on the end of my line, and on the first cast I caught a 13" rainbow trout! I showed them all!

I would like to say that fly fishing is not always that easy. In fact, many times I have found it very challenging. But that is what it's all about, isn't it? It is an art, an appreciated skill that many people admire. Most people I know can't trick their best friend let alone a fish!

- Craig

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