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Interview Archive #002 - September '95

Interview with Bob Kerr, Director, Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD).

What role does the PPAD play in the protection of Georgia's aquatic resources, mainly streams and lakes in North Georgia?

The Pollution Prevention Assistance Division's (P2AD) primary mission is to provide non-regulatory, technical assistance to businesses and industry to help them reduce waste and prevent pollution at the source. Reduction of waste being generated and disposed ultimately results in reduced pollution entering Georgia's waterways.

I understand that the most critical form of pollution endagering our streams in Georgia is presently non-point source pollution. As the population in Georgia continues to grow, is there any way to detect and treat this type of pollution?

One way to allieviate non-point source pollution is through education. P2AD strives to be a teaching organization, and public education can help make citizens aware of the consequences of their behavior and the effect on water bodies.

What other government agencies do you work with to monitor and regulate waste, specific to aquatic resources?

P2AD does not perform any type of regulatory function - all our programs are free, voluntary, and non-regulatory. Therefore, our agency is not involved in any monitoring activities - these are handled by the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of the Department of Natural Resources.

What are the major concerns facing Georgia's aquatic resources right now and what is being done to lessen their impacts?

Our Division works with all industries to lessen their impact on not only Georgia's aquatic resources, but also on all other environmental resources.

What can an average concerned person do to help the PPAD to keep the remaining streams in Georgia "clean?"

The average concerned person can practice pollution prevention methods at home, and ensure that their household products are not allowed to flow into storm drains or contaminate waterways.

What types of programs do you offer to businesses to help lessen the waste they produce?

The Pollution Prevention Assistance Division offers a wide variety of programs to businesses and industry. These include the following:

  • onsite pollution prevention assessments
  • clearinghouse/library
  • technical information research for specific pollution prevention questions
  • training and workshops
  • action grant program
  • environmental accounting information
  • assistance with pollution prevention corporate program development

NGTO wishes to formally thanks Mr. Bob Kerr and Jancie Hatcher of P2AD for this interview and everyone else at P2AD for the work they are doing to protect our natural resources.

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