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NGTO Interview Archive #001 - August '95

Interview with Joseph Fausett,

fly fishing fanatic that recently landed a 22'' brown from Noontootla Creek in the Blue Ridge WMA.

I have seen Joe perform miracles. One recent incident that stands out in my mind took place on a small private lake in Kennesaw, Georgia. Joe and I were doing some bass fishing, fly rods in hand of course, when Joe spotted a largemouth cruising a steep bank about 10' below him. Joe tied on an #10 "anytime-anywhere" fly and started to cast. The only problem was that there were about 10-15 trees between him and the cruising fish and the bank was too steep to get any closer. Joe proceeded to cast anyway and to my disbelief his fly somehow made it through the maze of trees and branches and landed perfectly in line with the cruising bass. What happened next burned a permanent image in my mind and an ultimate respect for Joe's fishing ability. About 3 seconds after the fly landed I saw the mammoth fish swim towards the fly, his body literally half-way out of the water in the shallows near the bank. As the fish took the fly I realized that there was no way Joe could see him hit from his present angle so I started to yell "He's got it!," but before I could, on instinct alone, Joe had already set the hook at the most perfect time and the fish began pulling out drag. By this time I had climbed down the cliff to the bank and was able to assist Joe bringing him in. I lifted the mammoth bass out of the water and felt a weight of about 6 or 7 pounds. As I released the fish I looked up at Joe as he reminded me that he was using his 3 weight rod with 4x tippet. Amazing.

Although the occasional diversion of fly-fishing for bass is fun, Joe's first love is trout fishing

Joe, a 22'' brown, Noontootla creek, is this the largest fish for you this year?

Yes, definitely, yes

The legal size in Noontootla is 16'', did you keep the fish?

no, I released it, it's still in there, there's probably quite a few more in there.

What did you take the fish on?

A dry and a dropper, he took the nymph, a number 14 stonefly nymph. Frank and I caught 3 fish that way and they were all over 10'' long.

For someone who has never been, can you give us a description of Noontootla Creek?

You never see a can of corn, empty containers, very clean. It's a fun, rugged terrain.

As you have said many times, Noontootla is your favorite destination, why?

It always contains fish, it's never muddy, and it has a low "red factor."(laughing)

Excuse me Joe for being naive, but what is a "red factor?"

(laughing)Bait casters who keep little, itty-bitty, tiny fish of which none are over 10'' long, in other words, the redneck factor.

What do you find to be most effective in Noontootla?

I just fish a dry and a dropper, like a royal coahman, 14 or 16, (and a) hare's ear or pheasant tail. There's no better strike indicator then one with a hook in it.

Would you recommend Noontootla as a novice destination?

Sure, (laughing)that's like high speed learning, really, despite it's look there are plenty of fish there.

What do you think the future holds for Noontootla?

People have to abide by the regulations, that's the only way.

NGTO wishes to formally thanks Joe for this interview and for past contributions. If you would like to reach Joe, you can mail your questions or comments to NGTO and we will be glad to forward them, currently Joe is without email access.

Editors note: The opinions expressed in the interviews are not necessarily those of NGTO.

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