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Heading Rule


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What is NGTO?

North Georgia Trout Online, Inc. is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to the promotion and protection of trout fishing in North Georgia.
NGTO is committed:

  • To promote sound environmental policies in Georgia's business and government.

  • To promote conservation measures to sustain and protect trout fisheries in Georgia

  • To increasing public awareness, by all appropriate means, of the value of trout fisheries in Georgia.

  • To collecting, generating and disseminating pertinent information that relates to all aspects of trout fishing.

  • To nurture in both young and old environmental stewardship, the joy of fishing and the peace of mind it brings.

  • To carry out other lawful activities as directed.

Our Mission Statement demonstrates a firm commitment to the future of trout fishing in Georgia. NGTO strives to increase public awareness of the sport trout fishing through our web site, online chat room, message board, educational seminars, and community relation campaigns such as the Kids Fishing Day.

Cooperation with city, state and other non-profit organizations, such as Trout Unlimited, allows NGTO to make an investment in our community and state.
For more information please see [ About ]

How to contact NGTO?

To contact a Volunteer Officer or Board Member, please click here to visit our "About NGTO" page.

To submit an article, comment, suggestion, or if you just want to say hello please drop a line to:

Hello@ngto.org or visit our Feedback page.

If you are having issues Registering, contact us at support@ngto.org

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