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NGTO finally has a new good read! Thanks to Jim Lowry, author of The Boys of Cohutta and President of the Colquitt Regional Medical Center, we have obtained the rights to publish some of the journal entries from the book. For information on purchasing The Boys of Cohutta, please see the information at the end of this entry.

The Boys of Cohutta, A Trout Fisherman's Journal - THE BEGINNING

Dr. Harrison threw the tennis ball up, tapped his right foot to his left heel, as if this balanced his body before he struck the ball. The ball came off the over size Prince racket like a missile heading toward Mac Taylor's court.

"Mac, that ball caught the comer!"
"Looked out to me!"
"Robert, was that ball out?"
"Mac, I think the b all caught the comer."
"Well, serve it over. I thought it was out."
"Serve it over? ... Did I hear him say serve it over?"
"Yes, serve it over. If I knew it was in, I would have hit it back!"
"Mac! You could not have hit it back, that was an ace!
That ball was moving 90 miles per hour."

There we were standing at the net. Harrison had thrown the balls to the other side. Because that point, if an ace, meant that we won the game. Mac was picking them up and hitting them back over insisting that the ball was out, or for sure we should play a let.

About that time, one of those quick summer rains descended upon us. While Doc and Mac discussed the merits of the serve, Robert Duggan and I took cover under Robert's front porch. It was not long, about 30 seconds, when Doc and Mac arrived.

As we sat there, summer rains always have that fresh smell about them, Robert told me about a stream he saw while back packing in North Georgia. Robert likes to walk around; carry a pack and sleep in the woods. I like to fish or hunt. Carrying a pack would be a means to fishing or hunting--not walking around with a pack on my back. Backpacking is one notch higher than mowing the yard in July,

The trout stream did interest me. I had spent some time in northeast Georgia, Clayton specifically. I had fished those streams in the early '70s. Suzie, Nicole, our first child, and I, spent four or five vacations in North Georgia. The streams were usually stocked. Over the years more people fished the streams. The traffic on the stocked streams was getting heavy and not much fun. To backpack into the mountains and catch native trout would be something special.

A few days later, I called Robert and continued our discussion about north Georgia trout streams. That discussion led to our first trout fishing trip to the Chattahoochee National Forest, the Cohutta Wilderness and Betty's Gap on the Conasauga river. This is a journal of those trips that began in the spring of 1978.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Boys of Cohutta send $8.00 to:

Colquitt Regional Medical Center
Public Relations Department
3131 South Main Street
Post Office Box 40
Moultrie, Georgia 31776

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Colquitt Regional Medial Foundation

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