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Old 05-23-18, 12:39 PM   #11
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 25

I can vouch for the Cabelas rod. If you can be patient they often put it on sale @$125 at which point it becomes a no brainer.
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Old 05-23-18, 05:05 PM   #12
Native, aka Tooga Prowler
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Blue Ridge, GA
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Personally I have used most every US euro rod out there and for the money, I would have to say out of the 3 you mentioned, hands down I would go with the syndicate. As far as build, quality, taper/flex, recovery, soft tip to protect light tippet but longer butt section with the the ability to handle big fish and a price range that is very reasonable, its hard to beat the syndicate. Redington hydrogen is another quality rod for the money. I am currently using their 11ft 3wt as my go to euro rod so that I can throw it in the bed of my truck without being paranoid about it bouncing around and possibly getting scratched when I am going from one stretch of the river to another like I would be if it was my sage and I love it. I would put both the syndicate and the hydrogen in the same class as far as build, quality and I think they are about the same price point. BigT is a good guy to deal with locally for a syndicate if you can ignore his agressive butt!!
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Old 05-23-18, 05:39 PM   #13
Join Date: Jul 1999
Location: Atlanta, Ga, USA
Posts: 1,401

I also have the Cabelas and bought it on sale. Am now buying a Syndicate from Big T in a lighter weight and plan to use both in different conditions and also will have a loaner. Here's my advice to get started on the cheap. Get the Cabelas on sale. Use an existing reel and line and a Euro leader (mostly Maxima) long enough (25-30 feet of Maxima to sighter and then tippet) such that your fly line will never get off the spool. If you like euro nymphing, then move up to a reel and specialized euro line and maybe a better rod. If you are pretty sure on the front end that you will pursue Euro nymphing, because you've tried it or otherwise, then start with the better rod.
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Old 05-23-18, 09:27 PM   #14
daviddrummond79's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: loganville ga
Posts: 200

I am about to list two euro rods if you are interested. I have a Syndicate 11' 3 weight I am selling for $200 and Moonshine Rods 10' 6" 3 weight for $175. Shoot me your cell number if your interested and I'll send you some pics. The Moonshine rod is brand new and only fished with twice and the Syndicate I bought from Big T. I recently bought a Titan Rod Vault and it wont hold anything longer than a 10' rod is the reason I am selling in case you are wondering. My main rod is a Cabelas CZN 10' 4 weight and I love it.
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Old 05-23-18, 11:24 PM   #15
Blueridgeflies's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Lawrenceville, Ga
Posts: 1,481

Personally I like the syndicate rods. I have two of them right now (10ft 2wt, 11ft 3wt), and like them a lot. Totally planning on getting more in future as they release more products. Also just a nice group of guys running the company from what I have seen.

Cortland rods aren't bad. Neither are the czn, and have one but find it a bit to stiff for my taste.
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Old 05-25-18, 07:42 AM   #16
splatek16's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Suwanee, GA
Posts: 1,843

Iím appalled that no one has mentioned the eagle claw. I know @sighter has nymphed the claw on a few occasions and Iím pretty sure those where his best days. Bahahahahaha

I like the syndicate. I also have a Chinese cheapo nymph rod. I can't tell the difference. They both catch fish. Iíve never used one of the higher end rods like an Orvis or Thomas and Thomas. Iím not that good and always default to my wine analogy. I like wine. And Iím a good enough wine taster that I can tell the difference between $2 wine and $10 wine, but I can taste no difference between $10 wine and $100 wine. So I usually buy $10 wine. Iím just not that good. So for me rods are the same way. Itís nice to say you have some fancy new cutting edge technologically advanced rod, but really for the increased economic output (cost) how many more fish do you really think you're gonna catch...? This is what goes through my head every time I'm looking for gear, be it fishing, camping, trucks, motorcycles, weights, etc. And at the end of the day, I know a seven year old that's gonna out fish me with a cane pole.... So I say opt for cheap, but effective, which sounds like the cabelas kit. Although the customer service at syndicate is second to none. I've broken my nymph rod twice and they get me a new piece for thirty bucks in about two to three days.

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Old 05-25-18, 07:45 PM   #17
Join Date: Mar 2018
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Posts: 7

I went ahead and got the Syndicate. It was a tough choice between that and the Cabelaís CZN. Based on the versatility, warranty and everything I heard about their great customer service, it was hard to pass up with just a $100 difference. I went ahead and matched it up with the Redington ID reel. Now all I have to do is go test it out on the water. Still debating if I want to fight the crowd on Memorial Day weekend or not. Thanks again for everybodyís advice!
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