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Default Bream on the Flyrod

Two or three weeks ago I heard from Big T that the crappie in our neighborhood lakes were spawning, and after reading River Fisherman's posting titled "Fly rod fishing for Bream" I got to thinking I should give the lakes in my neighborhood a try, although probably too late for the spawn. So after a bad morning at the dam this morning I thought maybe I could catch some bream and make my day feel a little better. I gave the lakes a try this afternoon, and glad I did, as I caught a bunch, took some of the sting off from a bad morning at the dam. Tried a variety of flies, and they all produced, but the best fly of the day was a dry fly red ant , size 14 I believe. Also, just recently I purchased a 3wt rod, which I fished with today, and catching bream on it was a blast. The bream I caught were not the biggest, although some were hand size, but they fought hard, and I suppose the kid came out in me, because I really enjoyed it. Here are pics of three of the fish I caught.

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