Re: Is trout fishing etiquette a thing of the past?

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Posted by Gman on June 12, 1998 at 14:03:55:

In Reply to: Re: Is trout fishing etiquette a thing of the past? posted by skip on June 10, 1998 at 07:24:43:

You guys crack me up, referring to others as "'necks" and using PC-speak "fisher people." There seems to be an assumption that taking a trout with a fly (preferably a dry fly) is license to look down one's nose at other methods.

Now, I happen to fish exclusively with fly tackle, but that in no way makes the fish I am fortunate enought to catch any better than those taken on a kernel of Nibletts. Nor does it make me a better fisherman (or fisher person, or whatever.) It just means I like fishing wiht a flyrod.

If I ask "what are they biting" and someone tells me "the end of my line" I'm going to assume they've been vomited from the bowels of some Northern city or they're some other form of sociopath where rudeness has a premium. Or at least one who has forgotten their manners. Ignorance is first betrayed by a clubby arrogance. In such a case, I'm going to throw the largest rock I can find into the area where they're fishing to remind them of that it's easier to say "Adams" or "hare's ear" than to say "the end of my line." Of course, little more can be expected from folks whose first exposure to fishing was probalby a Norman McLean novella, or like Hooker said, bought their experience from Orvis rather than earned it on the river. Irony, I might point out, that was completely missed by almost everyone.

So, go ahead and be rude. Just remember that owning a flyrod doesn't automatically empower your fishing licennse, or turn it "Platinum" and that the rivers don't have a first class section. We're all flying tourist on this trip.

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