Welcome to NGTO!
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Welcome to NGTO!    Welcome to NGTO!
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Welcome to the Board!

If you like you can jump right in and start using it now OR If you are a first time user, you may want to read "Several Points of Interest" below.


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Welcome to the NGTO. Our message board is quite easy to use and very feature-rich and it is and always will be 100% FREE.

Several Points of Interest:

  1. You may want to read the Message Board FAQ. It is not only informative, but entertaining as well.
  2. Although registration is required to post messages, the board is 100% FREE to use. The reason registration is required is to deter would-be Internet scan artists and trouble-makers from posting trash material. Your registration information is NEVER used for marketing purposes and is kept in strict confidence.
  3. Start the Registration process here New User Registration
  4. There are several different "Forums" on the new board. If you are not sure where to post your message, just use the "General Information" Forum.
  5. There are two levels of member status. "Stocker" and "Native". You will acheive "Native" status after a pre-defined number of posts.
  6. If you encounter any Technical problems with Registration or anything else on NGTO, please email us at support@ngto.org. We will quickly work to get the problem resolved.
  7. We appreciate any feedback, positive or negative at Hello@ngto.org.

What happened to the old board (pre-1998) and all of the great information in it?

Don't worry, the old boards are still around and you can access them below via the standard way OR an archive search. I have disabled posting to them but all the information is still there.
NOTE: When viewing a message on the old board please use your browsers back button to return to the main page because the "georgia-outdoors.com message board" link will bring you here and you will have to start all over again.

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